People ASK me always why in some people
healing is faster than others?

The REPLY to this lies in you!

First of all, the person needs to accept ME and believe in MY spiritual
help! But that’s not enough, the person MUST trust me 100%!

When the person trusts me 100% the vast spiritual army of invisible
helpers (energies) from the universe surrounds you and starts to help
or heal you!

Earth is a 3rd dimensional plane where all our actions are judged
and we are rewarded accordingly! So when my clients connect themselves
to my THIRD EYE, then the frequency of the CODES OF HEALING are
downloaded into them via my third eye (sixth chakra)

All one needs to do then, is relax and trust that something perfect is being
provided for you or that the support one needs will be provided!

When this happens more and more beautiful violet, platinum & red light
comes out of the third eye!

Simply follow the STEPS provided by me for faster and stronger healing:

1) Relax and trust in the Universal healing energy

2) Listen to the universe and you shall hear the correct frequency via
my third eye! It’s your Higher Consciousness in the fifth dimension
that’s connecting to you via me!

3) Have faith and trust in my vibrations or frequency

4) When connected to me your third eye will shine like a diamond and electricity
will flow through you! This means the connection has been established!

5) While CONNECTED if someone falls asleep NO PROBLEM because once the
connection is established then healing codes are automatically downloaded or
received by the client! 

copyright JOHN & SILKE