Our home is our temple where we feel most secure and safe! After a hard
day’s work we go back home just to find peace and happiness! But
sometimes due to some unavoidable situations this peaceful place can
get infested by negative energies! It can happen when someone amongst
family or friends with lots of negativity came to visit you or
portals (gateways to another dimension) got opened wrongly!

Whatever may be the reason, then you start feeling heaviness around you,
peacefulness and lightness in the air is no longer felt. This is the most primary
or basic situation that can be noticed! These situations are called

Manifestations can get worse with time and can be seen as frequent quarrels and
hatred without any specific reason between own family members living
in that house. Family members and pets fall sick frequently without
any reason! Worst scenarios are when strange noises/whispers are
heard, doors/windows get slammed even without storm, you feel
followed in the house everywhere, you get strange/fearful dreams and
last of all start seeing fearful faces right in front of you!

This is where John, with his god gifted healing powers, come in to take
away all things negative or evil and re-balance the energies of the
whole house with positive energies from the Universe!

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