Master Soul is the eternal part of our spiritual life which never dies & is only created from the Divine Energy whom we refer as God. And we know God is genderless!

Master Soul is made up of a collection of souls which are part of our different avatars. This means every time we get rebirth we get an individual soul. This individual soul is responsible for karma and is also judged by it’s own karmic deeds. So until we do not heal our soul, we cannot get over our karmic past, no matter whatever we do!

Yes people do chakra healing and aura healing but we need to understand that both chakras and auras do carry the baggage of our previous lives. Yes we can do chakra healing and aura cleansing but that’s just temporary because these are just the symptoms and not the root causes of the symptoms! So this is why even after a few months of chakra healing and aura cleansing they again get blocked or low in energy!

This is why we need to heal our past wounds completely from our previous souls, by the help of a shaman or Guru. It’s a process which we will learn from John in single session or workshop.
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