ASTRAL/DISTANCE HEALING is suitable for people who are very
limited in their time or not mobile. This work is at the heart of the
healing process and is also suitable for people for whom a
personal appointment is not possible.

It is a daily individual healing work of 30 minutes each at a
fixed time. First, it is about a physical and mental stabilization and
strengthening. The body is prepared for the deeper healing work
in the first month. In time, negative energies and blockages are
HEALED. It may be that during the healing work they perceive it in
certain organ systems more intensively! The body is detoxified and
deacidified so it may lead to increased excretion.

After a few days you will feel more relaxed and positively alert.
It calms the body and physical pains can dissolve away. This is
an individual process and is different for different people!
Case to case it varies BUT ultimately everyone gets HEALED!

It is ideal for them to be able to take their time daily 30 minutes a
day and to concentrate very strongly in their mental and physic
healing processes. It is helpful if you can give us a short feedback
the next day.

If you want to intensify the healing effect, you can book a personal
appointment for a CHAKRA HEALING MASSAGE!

A preliminary call by phone, WhatsApp or Messenger is generally  required. 
Requirements for good healing success is the willingness to spend 30 minutes
each day focusing to receive in the healing energy.

Give us feedback and stay in contact with us. It is also very important to
pay attention to the individual nutrition plans, exercise and relaxation
hints so that healing results can be achieved faster!

Self-care and self-responsibility should be present. If there are
certain questions or topics during the healing work that you would
like to elaborate on, a coaching or family constellation can be
booked in addition too!

monthly price on request