The Heart Chakra happens to be the center of which feelings of love emanate. It's also
associated with many other virtuous emotions, including happiness,
respect, joy, compassion, generosity, understanding, as well as loving oneself.
This chakra is also what we use to connect with those whom we are attracted to or love.

Most of the time due to blockages in the lower three chakras, the heart chakra gets
completely blocked! This leads to the physical manifestations of deep
depression, severe loneliness and suicidal tendencies! So to identify and unblock the heart chakra it’s an absolute necessity.

Once you have opened your heart chakra, you will benefit in a huge array of ways.
By opening your heart chakra, you will instantly increase your self respect towards yourself. You will even allow love and someone to step into your life, and most importantly, you will gain a positive
outlook on life.

You will heighten your feelings of compassion, heal yourself from depression and anxiety, heal your past wounds, strengthen your love for friends and
family, and gain more appreciation for yourself an loved ones.

At our workshop we will help you to
identify the heart chakra blockages and guide you to safely unblock it!

Heart chakra healing is INCOMPLETE
without the re-building of the connection with your beloved either in the spirit world (dead ones) or in the physical world (those alive) or with your existing twin flames!

So in this workshop which is a divine journey we will safely guide you to connect to them and interact with them in the realm of the 4th dimension!

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