What prevents us from accepting healing?

As John has PREVIOUSLY explained, that negative energies feed on us.

Illness, stress and anger in us are their food sources and the deeper
we are in there, the better and stronger they become. But we should
not underestimate our SOUL IMMUNE SYSTEM! The biggest obstacle
is the resistance to change.

Common example is how hard it is to quit smoking or drinking!
Everyone thinks.....I want to change!

But the resistance to change whispers in your ear softly, that this
brings nothing anyway or you've already tried so much, why should it
work now. If there is not much result after 3 days of healing work
and the world has not changed completely yet, the inner doubts and
the resistance to change gets above the water and feels confirmed.

What one has suffered for years, but would have to be cured in 3 days,
but certainly in a month also. (Original tone of inner doubter and
resistance to change)

The resistance to change is measurable anyway, if in doubt. I've been
working with Scio, a bioresonance device, for 10 years. This tests
the body, mind and soul and, among other things, the resistance to
change. Before the main balance, the resistance is balanced so that
the body can accept the cure. For more informations or Scio
testing please message me!